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Helpful Advice When Moving To A Dorm Room

The first days of college can be overwhelming for the majority of people but it can be even worse if you’re moving away from home and into a dorm room. This is especially tough on freshman, the majority of whom have never really stayed away from home for a long period of time. People also worried about the tough process of COA . Now they must get used to dorm life, but it isn’t so bad once you become accustomed to how things work.

Make a List of All The Things You Will Need

Before moving into a dorm room it is a good idea to sit down and make a list of all the things you will need. Living in a dorm room really isn’t much different than if you were at home. You still need to have clothes to wear and personal hygiene is very important too. You also may need to buy a pair of shower shoes if you have to share a bathroom with multiple people.

Make sure you bring some comforting items from home to make your dorm feel more normal. Although it will take some getting used to at first, if you try to be nice and open to meeting new people there is a good chance that you will have positive reactions from others. Keep in mind that most people are new to living in a dorm, so they too will be in the same boat as you. It is normal to be nervous but soon enough you will adjust if you put your head down and focus on why you’re there.

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How to Manage Space in Your Room?

A dorm bed may not be too comfortable so you might want to bring an extra pillow or two and some type of cushion to lay over the mattress. This will help you sleep better so you can feel relaxed as you attend class. Make sure you have enough school supplies and a desk that is free from clutter. An organized dorm room is the happiest, a messy one can be a nightmare. Hopefully, you will get a roommate or two that understands boundaries and respects your personal space.

Even though moving to a dorm room can cause anxiety eventually things settle down and you get into a routine. Even if your dorm room isn’t the best, keep in mind that it doesn’t last forever and you can always move out at the end of the semester. Focus on your schoolwork and go to the library more often if the dorm room isn’t a good place to study.

Follow these helpful tips and you will feel much more at ease as you begin life in a dorm. It isn’t really that bad at all and you will most likely end up enjoying your stay.