How to Contact The Social Security Administration

There are many U.S. Social Security Administration offices in across the United States. While each office has it’s own phone number and contact information; you can generally contact the Social Security Administration by using the national phone number or the website.

Contact National Office

The Social Security Administration has a national phone number which can be used to contact their national office. With this number, you can get general information, as well as personal information. After verifying your identity, an operator can provide you with information about a pending or current stolen social security card case.

The national Social Security Administration phone number can also provide you with directions to your local social security office, their hours of operations and their phone number.

If you have a pending application for benefits, the phone number for your local office may be listed on the paperwork you receive from the Social Security Administration. This phone number may be a direct line to a representative, or it may be the general switchboard for the office.

Schedule An Appointment

If the phone number is not listed on the paperwork you receive from the Social Security Administration then you may need to contact the national office. A phone representative can give you the proper contact information, schedule an appointment for a call back from the local office, or provide you with the information you need.

The Social Security Administration can also be reached on their website. Their website can provide you with the applications for benefits, forms, and information. You may be able to complete the application for benefits and check the status using your online account. This can sometimes be easier than contacting the Social Security Administration on the phone.

Find Information Online

If you are unable to complete your application or find the information you need online, then you will need to call. When you call, make sure you have all of the information needed to confirm your identity or the identity of the person you’re calling about. This information can include your social security number, place of birth, and date of birth. Confirmation of identity is needed in order to access personal information.

Without verification, the Social Security Administration will be unable to access the account and will only be able to provide you with general information. Verification of identity is required whether you contact the Social Security Administration over the phone, online, or in person.

Social Security Offices

If you live or work near a Social Security Administration office, then you go to that location. You can schedule an appointment for certain matters, but generally, most people do a walk-in visit. Most social security offices are busy so expect to wait awhile before seeing a Social Security Administration representative.

Once again, it’s important to have all of the required information available when you visit the office, make a phone call, or use the website. The website or phone representative can tell you what documents are needed for your visit to a local office if you have an appointment. Otherwise, this information should be listed on the Social Security Administration website.