How Do I Change My Address Online Without Visit The Post Office In Person?

Did you know that you could change your address online? Yes, and it actually very easy. You also handle it with the United States Postal Service of course, so you know that you are handling things legitimately. It is going to be easier than you even expected, and you will get the normal perks that you expect when changing your address with the post office in person.

What are those perks?

Have you ever changed your address with the post office in person? If you have, you were given a movers guide with a bunch of coupons and all. Some of it can actually be considered junk mail, but you can expect to find some decent coupons and things in there as well. Could you use those coupons? They used to include more useful coupons and information in the movers packets than they do now, but that’s how it goes. You will still get hundreds of dollars in coupons.

USPS Address Change Information Online

Change Address Permanent or Temporary Online

When you visit the USPS online and go to the right page to change your address, you will be prompted to agree to the terms in order to continue. That is expected of course, and you can then proceed with your request. When you do submit a change of address, the first question you are asked is if it is a temporary or permanent change of address.

Many people submit temporary changes of address because they are going to be at another address for an extended period of time. I almost thought of doing that myself because of an extended working vacation that I’m on right now. I am just allowing the mail to still be sent to my PO Box though because I can pick it up when I get back.

Change Postal Address

So do you need to submit a permanent or temporary change of address? A temporary change of address is for anything shorter than a 12 month period. Many people live at more than one location throughout the year, so they are always submitting a request for a change your business address online. It’s really up to you and the type of mail that you get. Things are a little different in the digital world these days, but you still might have important mail that you need sent to a different address.

If you need to submit a request for a permanent change of address, then that is the option you choose. When selecting a temporary or permanent change of address with the USPS, you will have to select the date you want your mail to be forwarded. Do you know the date yet? When you choose a temporary change of address, you are also asked to provide the date that you no longer need the mail to be forwarded. Once you get that date put in, it’s just a matter of answering the rest of their questions and getting the confirmation. One thing you of course have to do is provide them with the new address so they can forward your mail.