Best Exfoliating Gloves for the Body

Exfoliation is necessary to keep your skin as healthy and beautiful as possible. It is the process of removing dead skin cells on the surface of your body.

It helps prevent blemishes all over the body. It can also help your skin look much younger.
Cells regenerate at a slower rate as a person ages. The body cannot shed skin as quickly as it once did. This causes skin cells to build up on the skin which makes it look rough and dull.

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Exfoliation also helps young skin by removing these same dead skin cells. If they are not removed then oils build up as well which clog up pores and can lead to body acne.

Get into a good daily exfoliating routine. This will also prepare the skin to receive moisturizers that you apply. These moisturizers will be able to penetrate the skin deeply leaving skin soft and smooth.

You have options when it comes to exfoliating.

There are scrubs you can use while in the bath or shower. They help get skin clean and glowing but they can sometimes be harsh.

One of most essential tools you can own for the purpose of daily exfoliation is an exfoliating glove. This is a specially made glove that you wear and use to scrub your body all over. The glove has a slightly rough texture to it which works to gently remove dead skin cells.

The best products are made to last for many washes. Inferior products tend to pill or pull apart. It pays to buy a good quality exfoliating mitt. Some of them are infused with charcoal for even greater detoxification while scrubbing.

The best gloves are made with recycled products. Look for something called PET. You will get many uses out of it and you will get beautiful skin.

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