Articles of Incorporation and What They Include

Articles of incorporation, also known as a corporate charter or articles of association are filed and sent to the government to be documented before starting the business. They must contain important information such as the name of the firm, street name, services and the type and amount of stock. Typically, articles of incorporation serve as a charter to establish your corporation in your state. Once filed and approved, they legally create the firm as a registered business within the state.

What’s included in Business articles-articles of incorporation

· Business name- When filing articles of incorporation, you must include your desired business name. In fact, before submitting the document, it’s very important to conduct a preliminary name search. If you do this online the service you buy must include this. Remember that the formal approval rights lie with the state

· Purpose of the corporation- This generally entails what your firm will be engaged in. There are two types of business purposes, specific and in general. Although some states require specific purposes, others only need general purposes showing that the company can engage in any lawful business.

· Registered agent- This document must also have the name and address of the registered agent. These are the people who are authorized to receive important tax and legal documents on behalf of the company. Many businesses use the services of registered agents to make sure that business documents are discreetly and professionally handled.

· Incorporator- This is the company or the person filing the certificate with the government. Most states need the name, address, and signature of the incorporator. However, if you file the certificate online, a representative of the corporation will act as the incorporator.

· Stock- The business must also outline the number of stocks that they are legally authorized to issue. However, the business does not need to issue all its authorized shares. Some remain with unissued shared so that they can later increase the ownership percentage of the shareholders.

Preparing articles of incorporation

Whether you prepare them alone or consult a professional business attorney, you do not necessarily need to have complicated business articles-articles of incorporation. If you prepare them yourself, they will only be accepted if they contain the minimum information that is required for filing. However, since most states and governments websites have preprinted articles, you do not have to write them from the scratch. This means you can write them within a very short time.

Filing fees

Once your articles of incorporation are written and signed, they are ready for filing. In most states, the filing fees range from $35 to $300 based on the state where you are planning to file them. Normally, writing and filing articles of incorporation is one of the most important steps when starting a business